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17. septembre 2019

Innosuisse/EEN : Recherche de partenaires

German a multinational enterprise from the chemistry sector, is seeking partners to joint-developed technologies to improving the sorting, separation and recycling of composite and multi-layer materials.
The proposals should address as many as possible of the following aspects:

  • To develop new or improve existing innovative processes for the sorting, disassembly/separation, recycling or the introduction into manufacturing process of materials from products made of composite and/or multi-layer materials and assess the potential barriers for their implementation. They can deal with used products, production rejects or existing stocks such us material recovered from industrial and municipal landfills.
  • To optimize value retention in the economy, rather than downgrading the composite or multi-layer materials for applications with low quality requirements, as compared to the value of the initial separate materials, especially for applications with high performance requirements.
  • To provide recommendations for the design of these applications, products or related materials, based on the lessons learned in the development of these processes, to enable an increase in volume and quality of reuse and recycling of these products.

There is the opportunity to directly discuss with the German enterprise at the Chem-Match event on 10/11 October 2019 in Frankfurt.

For more information, please contact Inès Rossetti at Innosuisse.

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