MAI Skelett


Thomas Hogger

Project volume

1,9 million €


01.01.2014 – 31.03.2015

Project partner
  • BMW AG
  • P+Z Engineering GmbH
  • SGL Automotive Carbon Fibers GmbH & Co. KG
  • CirComp GmbH
  • Eckerle GmbH

 “Skeleton structure” saves weight

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CRFP) have a high potential for lightweight construction. Compared to metals or unreinforced plastics, the CRFP can absorb enormous tractive forces due to the integrated carbon fibers. The weight-specific advantages of CFRP are best used when the carbon fibers are aligned along a suitable path in the matrix material, which requires a load-oriented construction of the material. However, this has only partially been implemented in the automotive industry. This is where the project MAI Skelett starts. The project aims to develop a new manufacturing process to produce CFRP components in a skeleton construction where the construction has to be illustrated using a so-called roof bow (a component in auto­mobiles). A process chain has to be developed which extends from the construction to component manufacturing and allows for cheaper large-scale production.

MAI Skelett
Figure: Skeleton structure

The technical solutions, which have to be developed by the MAI Skelett project, will make an essential contribution to providing cost-effective thermoplastic CFRP production processes in the future and are therefore an essential part of the objectives of the BMBF Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon. These include the reduction of production costs and cycle time, reduction of material costs and the development of innovative CFRP production technology and process chains.