MAI Re-car


Dr. Matthias Meyer

Project volume

2,5 million €


01.03.2015 – 30.06.2017

Project partner
  • BA Composites GmbH
  • BMW AG
  • SGL Carbon GmbH
  • SWMS Systemtechnik Ingenieur­gesellschaft mbH
  • Fraunhofer-Einrichtung für Gießerei-, Composite- und Verarbeitungstechnik IGCV

Realization of an efficient production method for curved CFRP components using new CFRP materials

MAI Re-car develops methods for producing high-performance fiber reinforced composite components made from the new towpreg and UD tape material systems using the fiber placement technique; the goal is to significantly reduce the generation of waste and scrap during the process and shorten cycle times by means of automation. In conjunction with the use of an experimental system, various material systems are being studied by producing scrims and subsequently molding them to the final shape of the desired component in a connected reshaping process. The goal is to achieve laying volumes of up to 5 kg/m in the integrated system, while at the same time reducing waste and scrap by 80 % as compared to conventional methods and generating a maximum of up to just 10 % waste and scrap. In addition, the project aims to implement a closed, software-assisted process chain along the product creation process and develop such a process chain in relation to the experimental system.

Figure (from left to right): Towpreg, experimental system for conducting the experiment and tests

The project addresses the following funding policy goals for technologies: cutting the manufacturing costs by 90 %, shortening the process cycle step time to 1 min., reducing the material consumption during the production process, increasing energy efficiency and lowering material costs.

The project is highly relevant to the industrial sector, since a standardized, efficient method expands the range of application and use of the CFRP technology.