Sven Blanck

Project volume

500,000 €


01.07.2016 - 30.06.2019

Project partner
  • MAI Carbon Department

Expanded training potential for SME

The MAI Job project was successfully applied for by MAI Carbon and will be put into operation by the MAI Carbon department of the Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV). JOBSTARTER Plus-Project will be financed by funds from the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research and the European Social Fund. It covers the  region of Munich-Augsburg-Ingolstadt.

With its 102 members from this region, MAI Carbon covers the entire value chain. MAI Job will address the challenges which small to medium sized companies face in establishing themselves on the training market and presenting their specific competence profiles, against the large companies. The SME on the one hand often lacks the visibility to enable it to emerge from the shadow of the large company and to present themselves to potential trainees in the region. This problem will be dealt with by various concepts as part of the project. On the other hand, there may be adjustments required to the trainee portfolio or the support programmes offered, in building up an independent trainee opportunities programme in the SME. For this purpose MAI Job will carry out a detailed needs analysis in order to create SME specific solution concepts. A platform already exists in  "Carbon Connected" which can be used to match SMEs and apprentices. In addition a tight network of Chambers of Industry, Agencies and further Educational Institutes is planned. MAI Job will be accompanied by a multi dimensional marketing campaign, which will incorporate social media channels alongside more traditional communication methods. The project will continue to be promoted at events and the SMEs will receive the opportunity to make individual presentations.

The measures should be put on a permanent footing after project end, in order that the SME can address the topic of training independently and proactively. It is also planned to use additional multiplicators to expand the MAI Job project and its created structures to further sub networks like for example the departments of the CCeV.

More detailed information on MAI Job, the JOBSTARTER Plus-Programme as well as other projects can be found here