"High-performance fiber composite – Establishing competitive manufacturing chains"


Dr.-Ing. Thomas Heber

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01.2014 – 06.2014

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High-performance fiber composites are one of the key materials of our century. They offer an outstanding lightweight construction potential and thus facilitate new construction methods for resource-saving high-tech products of the future. However, numerous obstacles still need to be overcome for a broad industrial breakthrough. Against this background, the CC Ost innovation forum (see below) serves the identification of solution approaches and with the idea of a “shared factory” reveals opportunities and possibilities, in particular for SMB.

The lightweight engineering landscape in Eastern Germany is characterized by a variety of high-performance small and medium businesses as well as leading research institutes along the entire process and value chain. However, the available potential is not fully utilized yet. The reasons for this are, amongst others, the insufficient inter-regional and inter-sectoral networking and the SMB’s relatively low equity ratio. Unique know-how in the field of high-performance fiber composite is available, for example, at the lightweight engineering campus Dresden; the challenge now is the transfer of knowledge of the application-oriented research results and the economic realization in the context of new production capabilities for high-performance fiber composites to be built up in Eastern Germany.

The networking of research facilities and businesses thus is one of the aims of the innovation forum. Also the possibilities for developing cross-company production networks should be discussed. This means that in the future, complete value chains can be covered in Eastern Germany and the region’s innovative capacity is being pooled and strengthened.

This project started on January 1st 2014. At the forum event on May 8th and 9th 2014 in Dresden high performers from trade and industry, science and politics met for a thematic exchange and presented trendsetting results and framed guiding principles for the future. If you would like detailed information on the two-day conference on May 8th and 9th 2014 please refer to our program flyer (see below). Congress materials are available upon request (julia.konrad@carbon-composites.eu).

With the program “Innovation Forum”, the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) supports regional initiatives and networks in their start-up phase, in particular in enhancing their thematic profile. You may find further information here.

Pictures of the CC Ost Innovation Forum