15. May 2017

Faurecia joins the German carbon fiber composites cluster in Augsburg

Faurecia announced that it is joining the leading cluster MAI Carbon of the Incorporated Society of Carbon Composites based at the Augsburg (Germany) Innovation Park in order to develop manufacturing processes capable of reaching automotive cycle times for mass production of composite parts.
Carbon fiber is both lighter and stronger than steel or other lightweight materials as aluminum.
Composites will contribute significantly toward the automaker’s goal of weight reduction. Using carbon composites will provide weight savings of around 50 percent versus the equivalent part made from steel. Ten kilograms of weight savings reduce CO2 emissions by 1g/km. Weight reduction is also important to increase the autonomy of battery electric vehicle.
Christophe Schmitt, Executive Vice-President of Faurecia Clean Mobility declares: "We are very proud to join the German Carbon Network with a clear objective to make composite parts for mass production vehicles in the early 2020s. Faurecia has the ambition to become the leading player in sustainable mobility. We are doing this by expanding our innovation ecosystem including academic, governmental and industrial partners as well as start-ups.”
The proximity of German premium OEMs and internationally recognized partners such as the Institute of Textile Engineering Augsburg, the Fraunhofer Institute IGCV, the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) or the University of Augsburg is a unique opportunity for Faurecia to take the lead in the mass production of structural and semi-structural composite parts for the automotive industry.
Faurecia is already a leading member of the FORCE consortium in France which has the aim of producing low cost carbon fiber for the automotive industry.
(from left to right): Prof. Michael Kupke, Managing Director of Center for Light-Weight Construction Technology Augsburg; Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reif, Vice President for Technology and Innovation at University of Augsburg; Wolfgang Hehl, General Manager Augsburg Innovationspark / TZA; Eva Weber, Second Mayor of Augsburg; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Drechsler, Head of Fraunhofer IGCV Augsburg and Chairman Managing Board MAI Carbon; Christophe Schmitt, Executive Vice President of Faurecia Clean Mobility; Franz Josef Pschierer, State Secretary in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology; Prof. Dr. Siegfried Horn, Head of Institute of Materials Resource Management; Dr.-Ing. Stefan Schlichter, Head of the Institute for Textile Technology Augsburg; Dr. Reinhard Janta, Member of the Carbon Composites e.V. Managing Board

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