30. August 2019

BIONTEC boosts Complex Composite Components in high volumes

Complex components in medium to high volume require lean manufacturing technologies that allow for efficient material usage as well as precise and reproducible production. BIONTEC demonstrates the full capability of its proprietary production process with a range of high performance and complex composite components for various industries. Part numbers vary from 100 to 100,000 per year.

Caption: Serial production of brake levers: several parts can be produced in one shot allowing for 100,000 parts per year (© Biontec)


Inspired by nature - Engineered to perform

Demanding customer requirements and cost pressure force manufacturers from various fields of application to push technical boundaries and deploy innovative approaches. As a full service provider, BIONTEC helps customers to master this challenge from first idea to serial production.

Using biomimetic design every single step in development is taken on the premise of enabling efficient production – whether the customer requires 100 or 100,000 parts per year. Thanks to extensive experience complemented by state-of-the-art software BIONTEC’s products are engineered to perform.

BIONTEC’s novel approach: textile technology and biomimetic design

Based on 150 years’ experience in textile technology combined with comprehensive know-how in fibre reinforced plastics the company has developed its own manufacturing process from fibre to finished component. Thus it lifts the serial production of complex composite components to a new level.

The process allows choosing the optimum material combination for each specific challenge. According to biomimetic design BIONTEC aims to achieve the best performance with minimum material usage by placing fibres aligned to the load path of the component. Subsequent to fabric production they mould ready-to-use components via Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) that can be monolithic, hollow or sandwich structures. Moulding is done net-shaped with high quality surfaces minimizing finishing efforts. Both the Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) and RTM process have been extensively automated to achieve high and consistent product quality at competitive costs.

Impressive range of products

BIONTEC presents a range of complex components from sports and leisure to machinery equipment to space applications. With the fourth generation of a full carbon bicycle brake lever they demonstrate the capability of 100,000 parts per year out of a single mould.

Products from the metrology industry show the effect of tailoring thermal expansion and stiffness through biomimetic design in complex bodies for laser scanners.

Especially two components from machinery industry display the company’s strategy of producing net-shaped components with high surface quality out-of-mould, thus extensively eliminating finishing efforts and reducing costs.