27. September 2018


Coriolis Group (ex-Coriolis Composites) carries out its first external growth operation with the acquisition of the MF TECH group, a leader in composite filament winding.

Coriolis Group, an innovative company specialising in the manufacture of robotic cells and software for the production of composite parts in industry, announces its acquisition of a 100% stake in the MF TECH group. With this first external growth operation, Coriolis Group is extending its expertise in industrial robotics. The new organisation totals 172 employees with annual revenue approaching 30 million euros.

Founded in 2004, MF TECH has 18 employees and is based in Argentan, France. It is a global benchmark company in the field of robotic filament winding, a technique used in the manufacture of composite parts such as tubes, mechanical parts and vessels. The robots developed by MF TECH are currently used in multiple sectors including automotive, aeronautic, aerospace, defence, nuclear, medical and even sports.

This operation offers many technological and commercial synergies. With the backing of Coriolis, MF TECH will benefit from the relationships established by Coriolis Group with the major aerospace contractors, profiting from its international network principally consisting of five subsidiaries (USA, Canada, China, Germany and the UK). Coriolis Group will build on the reputation of MF TECH in the automotive sector, perfectly in step with its own strategy, with the goal of accelerating its penetration of this high-potential sector.

The two founding directors of MF TECH, Emmanuel Flouvat and Arnaud Ménard, become part of the Group's operational management and will continue their direct involvement in the technological and commercial development of filament winding solutions.

Clémentine Gallet, President of Coriolis Group, states: "I am extremely pleased with the collaboration between our two companies, both of which are at the cutting edge of robotics technology within their respective fields. We share the same culture of innovation and the same vision of the role to be played by robotics within the composites field. Together we will be able to offer a complete package, unique in the market, to all our customers. This is an important stage in our strategic plan designed to see our Group become a global leader in industrial robotics for the manufacture of composite parts ‒ a market offering significant potential over the long term. "

About Coriolis Group (ex-Coriolis Composites)
Coriolis Group designs, develops and manufactures innovative equipment and software for the production of structures made from composite materials, notably in the aeronautic, defence and aerospace markets. Protected by patent, the technology and its derivatives can be used in multiple applications, including the production of aircraft fuselages made of composite materials. The company
is expanding internationally, and during the past 2 years has also entered new markets which also use composites, such as automotive and renewable energies. Based in Lorient, it has 156 employees and posted total revenue in 2017 of €26.8m, of which 74% in export.
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Founded in 2004 by Emmanuel Flouvat and Arnaud Ménard, MF TECH is located in Normandy in the town of Argentan. The company is active in three main fields:
- Design of robotic filament winding machines;
- Prototyping of filament winding parts;
- Manufacture of tubes made of composite materials (via filament winding).
For many years now, MF TECH has confirmed its place as one of the new major manufacturers of filament winding machines, and the only one using robotics.
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Clémentine Gallet
Coriolis Group
+33 2 97 59 94 98

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