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21. August 2017

The Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon working in conjunction with the most significant Norwegian networks - Joint workshop in Oslo with, among others, Voith Composites

Oslo/Augsburg. Recently in Oslo, a workshop was held by the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon of Carbon Composites e.V., Voith Composites as well as the Norwegian Offshore clusters GCE NODE, GCE Subsea and the Blue Maritime Cluster. The three Norwegian clusters form an alliance and are the most significant networks in the country on the subjects of: offshore, wind-power and maritime industry. The two-day meeting discussed the establishment of cluster-specific unique selling points, and exchanged experiences in project coordination along with "Best Practice" examples of cluster services. The company Voith Composites, partners in the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon, was introduced there for the first time and gave an overview into project work at MAI Carbon. Voith Composites is also able to fall back on experiences in the offshore sector, and represents the potential of such in this committee.

In order to ensure that further cooperation will, in future, have closer ties, a joint roadmap was developed. The next element of the programme will take place in October 2017, when a delegation will travel to Kristiansand, Norway. The aim will be to get to know the attending clusters and their partners in the offshore sector, and to develop initial cooperation ideas in B2B Matchmaking Sessions. This is designed to form the basis for potential cooperations, but also offers impetus for further ideas and project innovations.

"We had a very productive and fruitful workshop during those two days in Oslo. GCE Subsea and GCE Blue Maritime were also involved in the workshop, similar to in a joint project initiated by GCE NODE. It was important to further establish cooperation between the clusters GCE NODE and MAI Carbon in order to define shared interfaces. Various options have been identified that are to be further developed in the follow-up meeting in autumn", says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, managing director of GCE NODE, in summary.

Sven Blanck, responsible for the internationalisation of MAI Carbon, adds: "This meeting allowed MAI Carbon to form an impression of the current developments in the maritime economy and offshore industry. With the three clusters, we have found excellent organisations for further intensive cooperation, and look forward to upcoming future developments".

Caption: All participants of the joint workshop in Oslo.