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23. March 2017

MAI Job at the fitforJOB! trade fair in Augsburg Pupils show great interest in training careers in fibre composites

On the 18th March 2017, some 11,000 pupils, parents and other interested parties took the opportunity to visit the largest careers information trade fair held in the region and for the region: fitforJOB!. More than 150 exhibitors from the craft, industry, trade and service sectors introduced themselves to the audience in Augsburg including the team from MAI Job, a JOBSTARTER plus project.

Job experts recommend that pupils take an early look at the available companies if they wish to start training for their desired career in the autumn. Saturday's event at the annual educational fitforJOB! trade fair in Augsburg offered an opportunity to make connections with companies, look for an appropriate employer or just find out general information.

Pupils between the ages of 13 and 16 often find it difficult to decide on the career path they wish to pursue. Help is provided by, among other things, the MAI Job project; a JOBSTARTER plus project funded from the Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) and the European Social Fund (ESF). MAI Job is implemented by the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon of Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV).

Katharina Lechler, Lydia Raab as well as Sven Blanck from Project MAI Job gave out much valuable information on the subject of working with and for carbon, thus for careering training in professions such as aviation mechanic, cutting machine operator or procedural mechanic in fibre composites. With their colleague Gerd Falk, who works both for MAI Carbon and the Institut für Flugzeugbau Stuttgart (Institute for aeroplane construction), they were accompanied by an expert advisor for all questions regarding carbon as a material. Particular attention was paid to the carbon bicycle. Just one example of what can be achieved with the right education and the right material handling. The high-tech industry is one with a future and offers exciting tasks and excellent job perspectives in automotive, aviation and aerospace, mechanical engineering sectors, but also in sports, medicine and construction. Katharina Lechler and Sven Blanck agree: "The trade fair was a real success for us. We were able to disseminate much information and met with some very interested pupils. We are sure that the technology of the future will continue to be developed further, thanks to the young up and coming talents, but also because we have already started thinking about tomorrow's workforce!"