MAI Carbon


Objectives of Leading-Edge Cluster in general

The Leading-Edge Cluster program of the federal government aims at strategic strengthening of the regions and industries. Therefore all Leading-Edge Clusters pursuing the following overarching objectives:

  • Development and protection of an unmistakable competence profile
  • Strategic positioning of the cluster
    Development and testing of innovative forms of cooperation between science and the economy
  • The founding of foreign companies
  • Appropriation of personnel through targeted junior staff promotion, practical qualification, as well as the attraction of specialist and management workforces from within Germany and from countries abroad.
  • Professionalization of the cluster management through further development of the management processes

Vision of the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon

The stated objective is to turn the MAI region into a European center of excellence for carbon fiberreinforced plastics (CFRP), which covers the entire value chain of the CFRP technology and helps the partners represented in the cluster attain a leading position in the world market in the CFRP key technology segment.

Technical optimization, training and education are the keys to success

Two basic requirements are crucial for the sustained establishment of this new technology. First, it will require to reduce significantly the manufacturing costs for CFRP components. And second, a completely new training and education program has to be developed that is geared towards meeting the special challenges of carbon composites.

This approach thus establishes and provides the necessary prerequisites for the sustainable implementation of the new carbon composite technology, while at the same time helping the region benefit from another unique advantage.

Objectives of MAI Carbon