01. June 2015

MAI Carbon strategy workshop develops the future of the Leading-Edge Cluster

Together with its partners, the responsible of the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon have worked on the future strategy within the frame of a workshop. Although, the Government support for the projects of the Carbon Composites e.V. end in 2017 the fruitful work will continue.

How? This was the topic of the workshop to which MAI Carbon invited its approximate 100 partner to Augsburg. The partners anticipate that carbon fiber-reinforced plastics will have their share on the material mix of the future. Therefore, mechanical engineering, transporting goods, consumer goods and medical technology will be addressed in addition to the already existing industries aerospace and automotive.

In addition, the internationalisation for the CFRP industry will be further expanded by MAI Carbon. On one hand, the partners expect to gain the entry into new markets, on the other hand the ability to find global business partners, who does not exist in the region Munich, Augsburg, Ingolstadt. Also, the public relations for the CFP industry will be intensified.

During the workshop, the winners of a contest were announced, that was advertised by MAI Carbon maintained platform Carbon Connected. The winners had to successfully invite not yet registered contacts on the platform in a given period.

The first price a Samsung Galaxy Tablet went to Tobias Harbers. The other winners of two tickets to the German Museum are: Sven Anders, Frank Weiland, Frederic Fischer, Reiner Schmid, Marcel Remp, Jaromir Ufer, Martina Plöckl, Christian Bruch und Markus Forstmeier

The partners of the Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon thought about the future priorities of their work within a workshop.