30. June 2015

MAI Carbon delegation visits Upper Austria: research and practise in the neighbouring country.

Augsburg/Linz. The Leading-Edge Cluster MAI Carbon received a visit from the Austrian delegation in November 2014. Now, the return visit has taken place: Four partners of the Leading-Edge Cluster travelled to Linz at the invitation of the Chamber of Commerce of Upper Austria.

The visitors from the region Munich-Augsburg-Ingolstadt who are working on the future of the material within the Leading-Edge Cluster a project of the Carbon Composites e.V. were welcomed by representatives of the Advisory Board and members of the lightweight platform A2LT as well as by representatives of the Economic Chamber of Upper Austria. Within the visiting program it was scheduled to visit the research institutions as well as the production companies. The Institute for Constructive Lightweight of the Johannes Kepler University was visited as well as the Transfer Center for Plastics Technology in Wels, the Fill Gesellschaft mbH in Gurten and the FACC AG in St. Martin im Innkreis. The participants were very positive impressed by what was shown - "And there were already signs that the visits could pay off in a deepening of business relations for some of the participants," said organizer Stefan Steinacker MAI Carbon.