29. July 2014

First German student laboratory for Fiber Composites opens: “May the crowds never tear”

Numerous guests from education and politics attended the opening of a student laboratory for fiber composites in the Bavarian Bliensbach at Dillingen / Donau. This is the first such laboratory in the whole of Germany and will make the new material CFRP accessible to middle school and high school students.

Many stakeholdershavehelped tomake thefirst studentlaboratory a realityina Germanschool. It wasorganized,plannedand furnished by the MAI Bildungprojectof the Leading-Edge ClusterMAI Carbon. This initiative of the Carbon Composites eV (CCeV) has, among others, the task of setting up an integrated education or training offer for fiber composites and related professions, from kindergarten to high school.

Both, the Bavarian Ministry of Culture and the ESF project MINTENSIV and the Bavarian school are pursuing the goal of making the possibilities of fiber composites known to young people in a creative environment as well as in practical and didactical way. This was summarized by the representative of the Ministry of Culture, Rüdiger Wieber, in his speech at the opening of the school laboratory in two words: "Strengthen and Connect". In a figurative sense, these characteristics also apply to the laboratory itself, which is to increase the interest of young people and connect them with the new material for as long as possible. Wieber wished the school lab at the start: "May the crowds never tear."

For Verena Bürkner, chairman of the association Schullandheim Bliensbach eV, the opening of the first school lab was "a very special day." Willy Lehmeier, the first mayor of the city Wertingen, described the facility as "winning the lottery for education."

Guests from education and politics had come to the Bavarian Bliensbach to inaugurate the first student laboratory in Germany for fiber composites.

During a discussion, both the representatives of educational institutions and the Carbon Composites eV as well as of the project MAI Bildung emphasized that the school lab for young people should provide a basis for their future career choices. For Alexander Gundling, chief executive of the CCeV, the laboratory is a model for similar institutions in other states. "This is once again proof for the charisma of Bavaria," said Gundling. Marietta Menner, coordinator from the project MAI Bildung sees the establishment as an excellent basis for teacher training as well.

Everybody attending the opening agreed that the combination of theory and practice under the guidance of students of the University of Augsburg and combined with visits to Airbus Helicopters as well as the technical school Donauwörth, is the optimal mix for inspiring students for CFK. The guests participated with enthusiasm, when they were introduced to the topic by a group of students.

Not only the students, but also the invited guests participated with enthusiasm in the school laboratory for fiber composites.