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15. November 2018

Shaft for small positioner made of advanced materials required

Enterprise Europe Network:

Innovation & Technology Request


A German multinational company is looking for a partner who can develop and/or manufacture a shaft for a small positioner. So far the shaft has been made of stainless steel but now the company looks for a replacement material (e.g. plasitics with steel fibre) that has basically the same features as stainless steel and also guarantees the cilyndricity/concentricity of the shaft . The co-operation could be under a manufacturing or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Expertise sought

The shaft replacing the current stainless-steel shaft should have the following features: · stable in rough areas (gas, oil, salt) · narrow tolerances · concentricity has to be guaranteed · optics and surface should be similar to stainless steel · more features are on the enclosed drawing.

If you would like to get in contact with the company, open the full cooperation profile and click on "Contact Profile Owner".