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05. February 2019

Lightweight construction in aeroplane interiors

Bucher Leichtbau AG and Ensinger Composites Schweiz GmbH develop composite-based series-produced components

Lightweight and high-strength materials have become indispensable for high-end applications in the aviation industry. In passenger aircraft every kilogram counts, which is why metals are increasingly being replaced with plastics-based solutions, also in interior design. Thermoplastic composites, in particular, offer companies kitting out aeroplanes significant weight reduction without requiring them to make compromises in terms of mechanical properties. A project by companies Bucher Leichtbau and Ensinger shows that making the switch to fibre-reinforced composites can provide additional technical advantages.


Picture: Bucherer Leichtbau AG

The connector mounting (centre of image) is the first joint project between Bucher Leichtbau and Ensinger.


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