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Bridge building competition

Looking for a challenge?
For pupils, apprentices, students:

Since 2010, Carbon Composites e.V. has been offering a bridge building competition for engineering students. The association pursues the objective of giving the students an understanding of fiber-reinforced composites by means of a practical task.

Due to its high stiffness and enormous potential for lightweight construction, carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic especially shows excellent mechanical properties to design a bridge and construct it as an example.
For the first time the task this year requires to find a “hybrid” solution by combining an inexpensive material characteristic for construction engineering and the material carbon fiber.

The competition provides a special opportunity for apprentices, pupils and undergraduates.
Basic knowledge of various materials is acquired in a very short time. The entire development chain up to the making of the bridge already plays an important part for the conceptual design. Graduate students can implement the knowledge they have gathered during their studies in a project not characteristic for their field of study. The challenge includes engineering mechanics, the material-specific design as well as the execution of the construction work.

As in the previous years, the orientation of the sixth CCeV competition took place together with the renowned competition of the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg in 2015 as well. The competition had been successfully realized on December 17th 2015. You may find the results under http://www.brueckenbau‑

The competition shall be organized together with the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg in 2016 as well.